She’s just; ah god. Like you know when you meet a person and they have this thing about them that immediately draws you to them and at first you can quite figure it out, but then you realise that everything about them completely captivates you. Like her smile damn her smile makes my heart drop into my stomach and I almost have to look away because the feelings it gives me is too much all at once. And she only has to look at me and I turn into this shy, blushing wreck. And I could drown in her laugh. But apart from all that which is superficial, she gets me, she understands and when she doesn’t she’ll tell me, and she’s kind enough that I could completely open up my heart with just one word from her. And Jesus Christ she has a heart of gold, which is admirable. And even if it doesn’t work out, damn it I know I’ve gained a beautiful friend.
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have you accepted Mascherano as your lord and savior?

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Make me choose: Spain NT or Brazil NT (asked by Anonymous)

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Tw Ronaldinho: Yesterday I found my great friend Messi and I could personally congratulate him on the beautiful World Cup. It was a great joy!!

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Leo & Thiago’s happy time.

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Mario Götze being adorable with one of Jerome Boateng’s beautiful twin daughters.

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El capitán sin cinta.

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"We gave absolutely everything, but it wasn’t enough to win the cup. But we think that, maybe, we still gave the fans some joy. We went to Brazil with many doubts, but we came back stronger than ever. We will keep on working hard to bring joy to the country."

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